Scuba in Aruba

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I'm sure you'll be (palm) f(r)ond of this pattern, amirite? These are the compression leggings that are supposed to inspire you to get up and go for that run in hopes of creating that beach (dad) bod of your dreams for your next tropical vaycay. However they're also suitable as stretchy snack pants to curl up with bagel bites and binge watch House Hunters International. Remember, even lying flat on your back is a real yoga pose. Shavasana? More like Show-off-yo-ass-ana in these bad boiz. 

Is spandex acceptable for dudes? Hella yaass. This blend of 88% polyester and 12% spandex make these the tightest, brightest, most delicious booty poppin' man leggings you've ever seen. Just try on a pair, you'll never want to wear real pants again.