Cirque du so-Legs

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Remember when your parents jokingly encouraged you to "run away" to circus school because it was cheaper than a degree? Then you started to wonder if they really meant it when you started seeing copies of Juggling 4 Dummies showing up in your bedroom. The real kicker was when you got a unicycle for Christmas and they decided to change the locks without telling you. There you were, on a chilly December morning, locked out and stranded with your unicycle between your legs and your juggling balls in hand wondering if they ever loved you at all. 

Well, now you can run away with style! And finally get over your abandonment issues with the leggings of your (parents') circus dreams. Grab your balls, hoops, and dust off that unicycle because its time to get your tumbling on. Whether you're flipping from the trapeze, swinging around poles, or perfecting your triple Salchow, these Mandex will add the bounce to your step and the bright to your tight. 

These hella bright tights are a mix of 88% polyester and 12% spandex. They've got room for your junk and booty and are comfortable af. There's nothing more manly than a pinky-purply-yellowy compressiony-spandex number that shows off quads that even Arnold Schwarzenegger would be jealous of.