New phone, who dis?

Heyo! I'm Brent - the guy behind the Mandex.
I started Mandex out of the frustration of only having black and grey options to wear to the gym (Ok let's be honest. I didn't go to the gym and used my boring-ass workout wear as my prime excuse). But really, why is it that ladies like Cynthia and Joanne get to have sooo much fun in their ~*~piLatEs~*~ classes wearing their pinks, neons, florals, and fun patterns while I have to look like I'm going to a ballet funeral every time I go for a run? 

I decided it was time to turn that grey into #slaaay with the boldest brightest, most bootylicious man-tights for men: Mandex.  
You're probably thinking, 'Brent, you're a nutcase. No bros are going to wear hose.' Well, au contraire mon frere. Tights were originally made for men - think Henry VIII and Louis XIV. Those royal booties paved the way for the modern man to show off on leg day. I mean, really - those baggy sweats are doing nothing for your tinder game. Step. It. Up. 
I'm just a one man with a big dream that all manly butts, bulges, and thighs will be liberated in the brightest, boldest, man-legging. I'm located in Vancouver, BC, Canada and would love to hear from you. Have any questions, feedback, partnership opportunities, or secrets? Send me a message at
Brent Anderson Mandex Founder